eeting documents for the Board of Water Commissioners are located below.  Reports posted to the site includes monthly reports provided to the Board that do not include customer information such as names, account numbers, location codes, account balances, etc. and documents posted elsewhere on this site. Documents are in pdf format unless otherwise noted.


 Meeting Date Reason  Agenda Minutes  Reports  Other
 11-Jul-2018  Regular Meeting  Final
 Approved  Partial  
 08-Aug-2018  Regular Meeting Final Approved  Partial  
 14-Aug-2018  Special Meeting - WTP Final Approved None   
 12-Sep-2018  Regular Meeting Final Approved
Partial  WTP Change Order #3
 10-Oct-2018  Regular Meeting (Cancelled) Draft  
 24-Oct-2018  Regular Meeting Final Approved
 Partial  Draft FY2020 Capital Plan
 14-Nov-2018  Regular Meeting Final Approved  Partial  WTP CO#4, WTP CO#5
20-Nov-2018  Special Meeting Final Approved    WTP CO#4WTP CO#5 
 12-Dec-2018  Regular Meeting Final
 09-Jan-2019  Regular meeting Final Approved Partial   
 20-Feb-2019  Regular meeting Final  Approved Partial   WTP CO#6, WTP CO#7, WTP CO#8
 13-Mar-2019  Regular meeting  Final  Draft  Partial   
 10-Apr-2019  Regular meeting Final    Partial   
 22-Apr-2019  Special Meeting Final  Final    WTP CO#8, Customer Letter
 15-May-2019  Regular meeting Final    
 Water Main Capital Plan
 12-Jun-2019  Regular meeting (cancelled) Final  Approved  
 No quorum
28-Jun-2019  Special Meeting and Rate Hearing for FY2020 (rescheduled)  Final   Approved    Proposed Rates, Rate Model, Volume Calculations, Rate Comparison



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