Standard Procedure for the Installation of Water Mains and Accessories  The following instructions as to methods and materials for the furnishing and the installation of water mains and accessories as part of the Topsfield Water System, and are hereby issued as a guide to and a requirement for all individuals and private contractors engaged in this type of work and shall be followed unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent. 


The Property Owner shall be held responsible in insuring the following procedures and requirements are observed:


No connections shall be made to existing water mains or services with out the permission of the Water Department. Before proceeding with the work, the Owner shall have provided grade stakes marked for finish grade of road at intervals of 50’ +/- and lot line stakes at the street line. Before proceeding with the installation of the water main and appurtenances, all drainage in said street shall be constructed in order to avoid any breakage and rupture of said water line. In all cases the water main shall not be placed closer than 3’ from the barrel of a catch basin in order to prevent freezing.



 Insurance certificates shall be furnished as may be required by the Superintendent of the Water Department in order to save the Town harmless from all claims, demands, suits and actions for, or on account of any inquiries or damages occasioned by acts or neglects in doing the work.
 Furnish and maintain all barricades, signs, warning lights and other safety devices to protect the public from accidents or injuries on account of operations. Wherever it is deemed necessary on heavily traveled ways to direct traffic around excavations, in the opinion of the Chief of Police, the Contractor shall, at his own expense, obtain the services of a policeman at such times as may be designated. The Contactor shall have a valid Dig-Safe number on file before commencing any excavation. The Contractor shall determine the location, size and extent of all sub-surface pipes and conduits of any nature, whether or not they are noted on the accompanying plans, and shall be solely responsible for their proper protection.


The Contractor shall secure a permit to excavate public ways from the Board of Selectmen before proceeding with the work. Notice shall be given the Highway Superintendent before cutting surfaces of public ways. Notice shall be given the Superintendent of the Water Department at least seven (7) days before beginning work on the project in order to arrange for inspection during the process. The Tree Warden shall be notified before tree removal proceeds on Public Ways. The responsibility for notifying Public Utility Companies servicing the area shall also be the responsibility of the Contractor.


Insofar as possible, it is recommended that water construction shall include the use of standardized materials and equipment as approved by the Board of Water Commissioners as follows: 
  • Water Main shall be double cement lined, class 52 Ductile Iron Pipe.
  • Hydrant laterals shall be 6 inch double cement lined, Class 52 Ductile Iron Pipe.
  • Fittings including Tees, Bends, Caps, etc. shall be ductile iron, short body type, and shall be cement lined and tar coated. All fittings shall be standard mechanical joint type. 
  • Restrained Joints shall be by restraining rod or MegaLug fittings or approved equal. 
  • Hydrant Tees shall be of the anchor or restrained type.
  • Hydrants shall be “Darling B50B”, “Waterous Pacer WB-67”, or “AVK” Model 27M (now standard products approved for use in the Topsfield Water System by the Board of Water Commissioners) designed for 5’-6” of bury and so marked on the ground line, and having 5” valve opening, one 4 ½” pumper connection, 2-2 ½” hose connections, with 6” mechanical joint pipe connection, counter clockwise to open (left), and without ground line flange. Hydrants shall be painted to match the Topsfield Water System. (yellow and white)
  • Gate Valves shall be American Flow Control Model 2500 or approved equal, and of approved size for the mains and shall be Resilient Seat or Wedge type. 
  • All gate valves shall open left. (counter-clockwise)
  • Valve Boxes shall be Buffalo Type, cast iron, tar coated, sliding type, adjustable for 4’ to 6’ of cover, designed to fit 6” and 8” valves, covers shall fit flush to rims and be marked with the word “WATER”, shaft diameter 5 ¼” and as made by Buffalo Pipe and Foundry Co., size 5666-S or equal.
  • Caps shall be of cast iron and for pipe ends, installed in location as indicated, and as made by Pioneer Foundry, Clow, or equal as approved. Caps shall be installed using restraining rods, or MegaLug fittings, or approved equal.



Pipe Installation - All water mains shall be installed according to manufacture’s specifications for the pipe used. Water mains shall be installed at such depths as will provide not less than 5 feet of cover from the top of the pipe to the finished grade of the street or area. All fill materials shall be free of rock. All water pipe shall be marked with traceable early warning tape installed not more than 18” below the finished grade. Water mains shall be tested at 150 psi pressure for 2 hours, shall be chlorinated, flushed, and tested clean for bacteria before the installation can be approved, or the pipe put into service. Hydrants shall be installed in locations as indicated and in accordance with the drawing for such. Prove proper concrete anchorage for valves and hydrants and surround the base of the hydrant with not less than 7 cu. Feet of crushed rock and extending same for a height of at least 6 inches above the drainage holes. Gate Valves shall be furnished and set in locations as indicated and anchored with rods in concrete, if required by the inspector, and as shown on the detail attached hereto. Chlorine Taps and Air Vents shall be furnished and installed in locations as directed by the Town, and shall be constructed as detailed and attached hereto. Water Service Lines shall be installed in strict accordance with the “Standard Procedure for the Installation of Water Service Lines”, as adopted by the Board of Water Commissioners. Cutting and Patching of existing street surfaces shall be done in strict accordance with the directions of the Highway Superintendent. Topping out Trenches - All trenches off the pavement on the shoulders shall be topped out with gravel, not less than 12” in depth, well compacted and left slightly mounded for settlement. Disinfection of Mains and Services - The Contractor shall disinfect all new pipe lines and services involved in the installation as specified herein in conformity with A.W.W.A. C-601 - “Disinfect on of water mains” and as required by the Town. The locations for chlorination and sampling points shall be as determined by the Town and taps for such work shall be installed by uncovering pipe lines and backfilling of such points by the Contractor as required. Flush out all dirty or discolored water from all lines, introduce chlorine in approved dosages through the tap at one end while water is being withdrawn at the other end. The chlorine solution shall remain in the pipe line for at least 24 hours. Following chlorination, all treated water shall be flushed from the lines and replaced with water from the distribution system. Bacterial sampling and analysis of the replacement water shall be made by the Contractor, acting through a Department of Environmental Protection certified laboratory and the lines shall not be placed in service until all health requirements have been met.  Clean Up - The Contractor shall confine his operations to as small an area as possible, and shall keep the area neat and free from waste materials and from excess earth. Pavements shall be kept clear of earth and rock as the work progresses and shall be swept clean in a timely manner and on completion of the work.


Continuous inspection of the construction will be proved by the Board of Water Commissioners, the cost of such inspection services and plans shall be paid by the developer, the amount to be determined by the Board of Water, Commissioners and deposited with the Town in the form of a check before the work begins.


It is extremely desirable that the developer be encouraged to select a Contractor who is experienced in the installation of water mains and accessories as specified herein, and who possesses and operates the proper equipment for such work. It should be understood that rubber tired vehicles shall be used on public paved streets to prevent damage to pavements, but should tracked equipment be proved necessary, it shall have treads or tracks without cleats.


Water main and other appurtenances installed on existing public ways, existing right of ways, or on public property will become property of the Town upon successful completion of the flushing, chlorination, pressure testing, and bacteriological testing procedures, and the main being put into service. The contractor/installer will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the water mains, services, hydrants, and other associated equipment as well as road repairs for a period of one year beginning when the main is put into service. This includes but is not limited to repairing leaks, replacement of defective equipment, and repairing trench settlement. Property owners installing water main and other appurtenances on private property will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the water mains, services, hydrants, and other associated equipment. In cases where the property will be transferred to the Town, such as subdivisions, the property owner/developer will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the mains and associated equipment until the Town accepts the roadway/development.

     Voted and accepted by the Board of Water Commissioners, July 19, 2000


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