Our water was first tested for PFAS in 2014 as part of US EPA's Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule Part 3.  This program tested a cross section of water supplies across the country for a variety of contaminants to determine the frequency of occurence and the amounts found.  Six PFAS compounds were included in the tests.  The table below shows the minimum reportable level for each compound for the UCRM3 tests and current methods.  The minimum reportable level is the lowest level of the contaminant that can be reliably measured.  Results found below this level are listed as 'non-detectable'.

 Compound  UCMR3 MRL (2014)   Today's MRL (2020)   Average Level Found Today (2019-2020)
PFOS 40 ng/L 1.8 ng/L 7.2 ng/L
PFOA  20 ng/L  1.8 ng/L 12.6 ng/L
PFNA  20 ng/L 1.8 ng/L 0.4 ng/L
PFHxS 30 ng/L 1.8 ng/L 0.8 ng/L
PFHpA 10 ng/L 1.8 ng/L 1.9 ng/L
PFBS 90 ng/L 1.8 ng/L 2.1 ng/L


The tests conducted today are approximately 10 times more sensitive than the tests done in 2014.