Hydrant flushing will begin on April 8th. We'll flush for a week and then take 2 weeks off for Easter and resume on April 29th.  We plan to follow the normal route which is posed onlne at flushing.topsfieldpublicworks.org

Flushing removes sediment from the water mains, identifies hydrants in need of repair and checks system fire flows. Customers will have rust colored or black water while the water mains are flushed and for a period afterwards. The work will be conducted on weeknights from 9 PM until 1 AM to minimize the disruption. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Manganese levels in areas being flushed will be higher than normal and may exceed levels described in the drinking water advisory issued in November 2013. Do not drink, cook or make formula with the discolored water. Avoid using hot water while the cold water is discolored. Doing so will allow sediment to accumulate in your hot water tank and will take longer for the hot water to clear.

This is the first round of flushing to be done since the water treatment plant started operation.  It will probably take a couple of rounds of flushing before all of the sediment is removed from the distribution mains.

June Update: The spring round of flushing was completed on June 4th. The next round is scheduled for October 2019.

Hydrant Flushing Scheduled

Hydrant flushing is starting on October 14th.  The schedule is avaialble online and is updated daily.  Subscribe to our email list if you would like to receive daily updates.

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