Recently enacted PFAS regulations may ultimately require the construction of a PFAS treatment facility.  This facility would be adjacent and work in conjuction with to the water treatment plant.  The need for PFAS removal has yet to be determined but work is underway in the event it is required.  The project will follow these steps:

  1. Pilot Testing - The Town applied for a MassDEP grant for up to $200,000 to pilot test PFAS removal technologies to find out which processes work best and obtain more information to determine capital and operational costs of a facility.  We expect to hear in February if the grant is awarded.  in the event the grant request is not approved, a funding request will be presented at Town Meeting in May 2021.
  2. Design - It is anticipated that a funding request for the design of a PFAS removal facility will requested at Town Meeting in May 2022.  The timing of the request will depend on future PFAS test results.
  3. Construction - Funding for construction of the facility, if needed, will be discussed at Town Meeting in May 2023.

Aside from the pilot testing, these requests are dependent on a number of factors including water quality test results, changes made to existing regulations, and perhaps regional efforts to obtain water from the MWRA.