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The Water Department generates a great deal of information, such as treatment records, meter readings, water usage statistics, water testing results, etc., much of which is available electronically. We also collect data from other sources, such as Ipswich River stream flow data, and use it for a variety of purposes. All of this information is avaialble in electronic format. We've started to store this information online and make it available to our customers and the general public when appropriate. Some of the data will be incorporated into our main website,, but most will not fit neatly into the content management system used for the site so the data pages will reside here.

Available Resources

Below is a list of resources available online and a description of the status of the data.

Water Testing Results

The Water Testing Site contains information about the water quality tests we conduct. The system contains information from calendar year 2016 to present including all of the results used to verify that our water complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act. More search tools and statistics will be added to the site as time permits but it is functional in its current state.

It contains information about various contaminants, recent manganese test results and information about which sources are currently in use.

Water Testing Beta Site

This site contains the same information as the previous site but is the version currently under construction. You can visit this site to see what improvements we're working on.

System Water Use

Daily water use statistics are availale in near real-time for the system as a whole. The daily use is calculated by summing the withdrawals from our water sources and correcting for changes in water tank storage. Currently the water use for the past 30 days is available online.

Ipswich River Stream Flow

The The United Stated Geological Survey publishes stream flow and stage information for thousands of stream gauges located all over the country. Two gauges are located on the Ipswich River, one in South Middleton and one in Ipswich. Flow at the Ipswich Gauge is used to determine when streamflow based water restrictions streamflow based water restrictions must be implemented.

We've created a chart showing recent average daily flows, historical minimum, maximum and medain values for each day, and overlay water restriction trigger points during the appropriate times of year.