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Water Treatment Plant Information

Town Meeting, held on May 6, 2014, approved funding for the design of a water treatment plant.  We are in the process of selecting an Owner's Project Manager and Design Engineer.  This process is expected to take several months.

Hydrant Flushing - Fall 2014

Flushing will begin on October 14th.  Click here to view the schedule.

Water Dept. Twitter Feed

TopsfieldWater Manganese sample taken from source on North Street on 12/9 contained 325 micrograms per Liter. Exceeds DEP limit of 300. Retesting on 12/18.
TopsfieldWater Repairing a leak at Ipswich Road/Asbury Street today. Road may be reduced to one lane during repair.
TopsfieldWater Today is the last day of work on Washington Street until paving in the spring. All of the pipe work was completed last week.
TopsfieldWater Last service connection completed today on Washington Street. Final tie-in scheduled for tomorrow.
TopsfieldWater Paving service trenches today on Washington Street. Two services left to install, maybe next week depending on the weather.
TopsfieldWater All homes in the area are connected to the new main, no one should be without water.
TopsfieldWater Water main break at 139 Washington, broke 10 minutes before being turned off permanently.
TopsfieldWater Paving trenches on Washington Street and taking monthly manganese and phosphate samples today.
TopsfieldWater Turning off Glen Road and Porter Meadow in 45 minutes. Pressure washing the interior of Garden Street Tank today.
TopsfieldWater Today's Glen Road and Porter Meadow work cancelled due to weather, rescheduled for tomorrow.

Highway Dept. Twitter Feed

topsfieldDPW @TerryWBZ @PamelaWBZ4 @BarryWBZ @ericfisher @DanielleWBZ4 you guys have way too much fun....
topsfieldDPW @NWSBoston here are the two plotted on the same graph Hope to crest here sometime today...
topsfieldDPW @NWSBoston 4 roads still closed here. Ipswich River should crest here sometime tomorrow.
topsfieldDPW @DanielleWBZ4 just now. Ipswich River still rising. Expect crest tomorrow
topsfieldDPW Topsfield-Rowley Bridge Road, Salem Road, River Road, and East Street closed due to flooding. Please RT
topsfieldDPW @BarryWBZ @pbouchardon7 @WX1BOX 4.51" so far. Up to 6.65" for the month. Tremendous flash flooding earlier #enoughalready
topsfieldDPW @MassStatePolice Rte One now open.
topsfieldDPW @WX1BOX @sarahwroblewski Rte One reopening at this time. Roadway clear.

Summer Regulatory Period

May 1st marks the beginning of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's summer regulatory period. Our water withdrawal permit requires us to implement outdoor water use restrictions when Ipswich River stream flow falls below certain levels from May 1st through September 30th. The permit also restricts the amount of water we can pump during this period to an average of 0.55 million gallons per day.

Stream flow is measured at the United States Geological Survey's gauge station located just downstream of the dam near Foote Brothers Canoe Rental in Ipswich. Click here to view a full screen version of the chart.

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A voluntary outdoor water use restriction is required if the average daily stream flow at the Ipswich Gauge drops below 70 cubic feet per second for three consecutive days. If the average daily stream flow continues to drop and falls below 52.5 cubic feet per second for three consecutive days then a mandatory restriction is required. The restrictions stay in effect until stream flow recovers and is above the trigger point for at least 10 consecutive days.

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